The John Trieste TANY Scholarship


John Trieste served as the executive director of the Typographers Association of New York, the local trade group of commercial typographers making the transition from hot metal type to digitized computer composition.

A master networker, John planned highly regarded educational events on the new technologies, processes and products that revolutionized the industry. He showcased world-famous educators and analysts like Frank Romano and John Seybold, and he wrangled pioneering personalities from scores of vendors from Alphatype to Compugraphic to Linotype to present their innovations in TANY forums. Throughout those tumultuous times, John Trieste set a high standard for fairness and objectivity.

But John also organized many social events for TANY members at New York venues and nearby resorts. Generations of typographers and their families grew up in the glow of "TANY camaraderie" engineered by John and TANY administrator Mavis DaCosta. Longtime industry veterans and brash start-up entrepreneurs met in a safe space surrounded by friends and family. “Our mission was to change the owners’ perception of each other from rivals to colleagues,” John said. “If we were colleagues instead of competitors, we would be stronger as an industry.”

John retired in 1998 when TANY dissolved in triple storms of desktop publishing, digital imaging and the World Wide Web, but he continues his face-to-face social networking with community organizations in Florida and as a monthly columnist for Senior Life of Florida. The John Trieste TANY Scholarship Award honors the historic social and educational achievements of this important member of the type family in support of a student who demonstrates significant accomplishment in the use of typography.

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