March 9, 2009
"Bionic" eye restores vision after for a 73 year old man after 30 Years of no sight  The Medical Quack
Prevention—science vs. nonsense  Science-Based Medicine
New "New Media" Trick for Pharma Marketers  Pharma Marketing Blog
A “wireless bridge” for biometrics  mobihealthnews
Do doctors who use physician-only social networking sites expose themselves to malpractice risk? - Medical Weblog
Gland-like Artificial Biostructures Created  Medgadget
Health care in every pot -- what we can learn from Costco  Health Populi
"Provide value-for-money in a consumer-facing milieu."
IT Vulnerabilities Highlighted by Errors, Malfunctions at Veterans Medical Centers  Health Care Renewal
"Tools that distract, tools that mislead, tools causing cognitive overload are simply dangerous in such an environment." Medical Justice’s approach is “repulsive”
"An almost comical attempt to hold back the tide."
Concierge Medicine; A Call to Arms  Dr. Steven Knope
"Since insurance commissioners have obviously not carried out their duty to reform their own industry, why do they want to regulate mine?" The establishment moves against concierge medicine.
Medpedia goes Wiki. Does it Go Far Enough?  Disruptive Women in Health Care
Presentation at the Medical Home Summit: Medical Home Has Shortcomings & Disease Management Can Help  Disease Management Care Blog
New Neuroeconomics eJournal  Brain Waves
Doctors rebel against online patient reviews  Covering Health
National Academies of Science Takes on Forensics  CGS
A call for evidence-based forensics.
All in the Family: Children as Home Health Aides  Bioethics Forum
"Children (as in 8-to 18-year-olds) are becoming caregivers (as in giving injections, monitoring medications, talking to doctors and nurses, changing diapers) for their ill or disabled parents, grandparents, and siblings."
Why Are iPods Cooler Than Glucose Monitors?  Better Health
Animal rights activist takes drugs tested on animals.  Adventures in Ethics and Science
"Her desire to avoid treatments tested on animals was in conflict with her desire to live, and she went with the desire that was stronger." Good comment thread.
Mobile phones may be source of hospital infections  Reuters: Health News