March 12, 2009
The Role Speech Technology Can Play in Helping to Streamline the EHR Transition  The Health Care Blog
Very good skeptical comment thread.
A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies Health Blog
From Baystate Medical Center's former chief of acute pain, Scott S. Reuben.
10 Promising Biomedical Advances in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research  Science Progress
Online Personal Health Records and Pharma Search Engine Marketing  Pharma Marketing Blog
"Health Vault's privacy policy states that the information you deposit in the "vault" may be used to display "content and advertising that are customized to your interests and preferences."
FDA Approves New RFID Radiation Sensors   Medgadget
$100 iShoe due out next year  mobihealthnews - Daily mHealth analysis, trends, interviews and news
Eldercare balance assistance. CNN video.
Faster, Better Emergency Response Using 'Information Agents'  IT / Internet / E-mail News From Medical News Today
Interesting live implementation.
The “Green Patient Lab” provides a glimpse of future healing environments  HealthBlog
"How will software, ubiquitous broadband, wireless, tele-monitoring, telemedicine, globalization, and the Net impact clinical workflow?"
As DTC ads recede, Rx-email grows for value and support  Health Populi
and compliance.
How Much $ Will Get a Doc to Change Practice Procedures?   Health Management Rx
Wal-Mart to market Electronic Medical Records?  Health Care Renewal
Rotsa Ruck.
Stimulating Health IT: Hold Onto Your Hats!  Health Affairs Blog
Gold Rush excitement over health IT.
Embryo screening should be mandatory  Genetic Future
Maybe "parents of disabled children will be increasingly viewed by society as being responsible for their child's disease."
Gifted with a Learning Disability - A Brain-Based Framework for Understanding Twice Exceptional People  Eide Neurolearning Blog
Health Affairs: Take Two Aspirin and Tweet Me in the Morning
Health 2.0 stars get noticed.
Stem Cell Research's Darker Side  Dr. Wes
Cord blood banks.
Kaiser's Electronic Messaging System and the Implications for Disease Management (and KP's own disease management programs)  Disease Management Care Blog
Y chromosome of Tsar Nicholas II  Dienekes' Anthropology Blog
Gene detectives.
A mother's experience can alter her offspring's memory performance.  Deric Bownds' MindBlog
in mice.
Return of Microcapitation: Condition Specific Capitation Payments  Crossover Healthcare
Stem cell opinion round-up  CGS
Wal-Mart says will sell e-records to doctors  Reuters: Health News