March 10, 2009
Lies, Damn Lies, and ‘Integrative Medicine’  Science-Based Medicine
Navigenics: What my genome tells me to do  ScienceRoll
You just won the stem-cell war. Don't lose your soul.  Slate Magazine - Human Nature
"How long can we grow this subject before dismembering it to get useful cells?"
Soccer Robots Getting Smarter At RoboCup  Sports Are 80 Percent Mental
Machine-learning. Big plans.
TR10: Paper Diagnostics  Technology Review Feed - Biomedicine Top Stories
Great design.
Where Those Cardiology Guidelines Come From, Part II  The Covert Rationing Blog
Fascinating follow-up to last Tuesday's Part I post on stenting v. bypass surgery and what it implies about the future of centralized healthcare. "How do cardiologists (or any other well-educated, intelligent individuals) get to the point where they are able to act primarily in their own best interests, while insisting to everyone - even to themselves - that they are actually acting in the best interests of others?"
Cough, Cough. Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?  
Christopher Lawton in the Wall Street Journal via The Health 2.0 Blog.
Better Records On Our Cars Than Ourselves?  The Health Care Blog
Ominous: The "transition to personal responsibility and accountability will probably take place in healthcare sooner or later ... And, the members of the healthcare establishment, working together with Federal and State Government, have the power to drive this change."
Guest Article: How to do real clinical interoperability right now  The Healthcare IT Guy
Overview of dominating standards.
The Special Circumstance Which Causes The Wisdom Of Crowds To Fail  The Last Psychiatrist
"I am more worried about the bias I cannot detect but I know is there."
Google Health Information Can be Shared -- New Vendors and Services have been added  The Medical Quack
Atheists Are Neurotic and Religious Zealots Are Antisocial  The Neurocritic
The limitations of brain scan research. "I'm feeling a very large error-related negativity at the moment. Maybe I need a Xanax. Or a religious experience..."
Future of Health Care: Outsourcing the Patient  Wired Health
"For insurers who want to outsource, the main question is how to convince patients to hop a 25-hour flight for a triple bypass."
A Web 2.0 site for Type 1 Diabetics  World of DTC Marketing
Google Health opens pandora box of PHR sharing  ZDNet Healthcare