March 11, 2009
CVS Shutters 90 Retail Clinics for the Season Health Blog
Hey, What Happened to My Brain?  The Quantified Self
Was it the flaxseed oil?
VuMedi: A surgeon-only video sharing website  ScienceRoll
Genetic Test for Finasteride Response  Medgadget
Fine-tuning hair restoration. Benign cosmetic genomics.
New Media Medicine [Highlight HEALTH Web Directory]  The Highlight HEALTH Network
Online Social Network of over 42,000 doctors, medical students and pre-med students.
An economist's advice on healthcare information technology  Health Care Renewal
"The incentive you need to get physicians ... to purchase and use ill conceived, cavalierly designed HIT that saps their time and cognitive focus is not monetary."
Indiana University Launches PHR for Students  Health Care Law Blog
WHO's eHealth Intelligence Report Goes Online  eHealthNews.EU Portal / All News
Many links to mobile health reports.
Predicting eye colour from genes  Genetic Future
for Europeans.
When someone can read your medical records, is that “social networking”?
Another view on Google Health Sharing.
March Man-of-the Month: Dr. Ted Eytan Interviews Holly Potter, Kaiser Permanente’s VP for Public Relations, on the Use of Social Media in Health Care  Disruptive Women in Health Care
The Steal-A-Nurse-FTE Approach to the Patient Centered Medical Home  Disease Management Care Blog
"many mainsteam small practice primary care physicians are not prepared to assemble, buy or rent all the components of a medical home team."
Genetic determinants of financial risk taking  Deric Bownds' MindBlog
The Promise of New Treatments to help Babies Still in the Womb  Citizen Economists » The Dismal Side of Healthcare
Is early genetic test for Downs good or bad? 
From MaryMeets via Biopinionated.
Stem Cells: Science, Ethics, and Ideology  Bioethics Forum
Engineered cell engine is step to artificial life  Reuters: Health News