Building a Multimedia Operation in China

China Staffing
For a visiting group of media executives from China, I’m giving a talk on building a new media team inside an existing print publishing operation. Not only do you have to train your staff to create innovative interactive products, you also have to train your customers in what’s possible and why it’s better than print.

Here are the slides.

Convergence of Digital Multimedia for Publishers
November 29-30 and December 1-2, 2016

A Management Seminar organized for the State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television in cooperation with the
SUNY Global Center

Un-neighborly: Ad Blocking in Park Slope

UnneighborlyGrumpy laminated signs are uglifying the gorgeous architecture of Brownstone Brooklyn. “Do not deface my property with your disgusting advertising,” they seem to say. “Let me deface my own property with this churlish plastic billboard.” The most subtle sign is postcard-sized with a giant NO! — flyers, ads, menus — but you can get a lawyer-worded 5″ x 7″ placard that is “technically compliant with the new Anti-Flier Law” with each letter 1 inch tall. Continue Reading →