Most HDTV Owners Don’t Get HDTV

The American consumer seems to be willing to spend thousands of dollars on a new flat panel digital TV set capable of showing high definition television images, but only about half buy the box to see HD and only about 30% subscribe to high def programming via cable or satellite. Interviewed in USA Today by David Lieberman, consultant Maryann Baldwin of Magid Media Futures reported on the results of the company’s pricey annual study of HDTV consumers. As HD expert  Phillip Swann wrote in TVPredictions:

…the number of real high-def viewers
is far less than the number of real high-def owners;
Magid says it’s only 50 percent but it could be even
less, perhaps as few as 10-12 million total.

HD sevrice often costs more per month, but most HDTV owners could put up an antenna to get local over-the-air programming. Maybe it’s not worth the money and the effort for just a few dozen HD channels, for just a few more pixels per inch.

Artificial TV Intelligence: AI Bots Edit Your Video Feed

There’s just too much TV to watch. Digital video recorders, video on demand and Netflix can help us time-shift. Personal media players and mobile video can help us place-shift. What we really need is to compress the time it takes to consumer TV so that we get to the point of the video content faster.

Disgruntled Docs Go Out of Network

Hundreds of pissed off MDs gathered at a seminar in New York recently to find a way to beat the healthcare system that they say underpays, overmanages and cheats both doctors and patients.