Transgenic Chickens Manufacture Expensive Drugs

Outsourcing pharma to the barnyard could make important drugs affordable to all.

Retail Floor TV Examples

Video clips of retail floor TV, interactive advertising projected onto a shop floor.

U.S. Healthcare Spending: Good News/Bad News

The good news is that U.S. healthcare spending growth slowed in 2005 to 6.9% annually. The bad news is that total spending reached $2 trillion per year, 16% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), almost $6,700 per person for each of the 300 million Americans.

Dark Side of the Internet: Pro-Anorexia Sites

The free-wheeling information economy of the global Internet won’t always be there to save us. We’ll have to be sure we make the right health choices.

HDTV Aggravation: More Pixels vs More Channels

The most sought-after media-rich homes will have satellite TV for HDTV, cable TV for the broad range of standard channels (and for cable modem Internet service), plus maybe a digital antenna to pull in local high def channels.

CES Showcases PC Video on Standard TV Sets

We’re getting used to watching TV on our PC screens, but one new category of products transfers video from your desktop PC to the conventional HDTV set in the living room

Cord Blood Bank Accounts Suddenly Look A Lot Smarter

The early buzz in the general press focuses on the non-destructive harvesting of amniotic stem cells. But another aspect of the new findings shows how science develops faster than the policies we make to manage it.

The “Ashley Treatment”: Hard Choices for Life Enhancement

Life enhancement innovations like cosmetic neurology, 20-15 LASIK, non-therapeutic abortion, body modification and other elective surgeries are an inevitable part of medical care in a free society. Enhancing the life of your child should be included in that list.

Verizon’s Mobile Live TV Launch

A day after I posted a piece arguing against live mobile phone TV, Todd Spangler in Multichannel News reports that Verizon will announce a new service offering "fewer than one-dozen channels" of live TV at the International CES show opening this weekend in Las Vegas. The new service will compete with the upcoming Modeo beta and the Sprint-and-Cingular-centric first-mover MobiTV promising better video quality. It will require an extra monthly charge and a new higher-powered mobile phone.

A much-quoted InStat survey of mobile video subscribers last year was skeptical of the entire market, and a more recent BBC Online Video Survey of users in Britain, where advanced mobile phone technology is more standardized, gave disappointing results for mobile video promoters.

We’ll see.

Mobile Phone Video Placeshifting: A Poor Way to Watch Live TV

Mobile TV with either the Modeo or my much more capacious Slingbox-connected Pocket PC phone misses the mark for five reasons.