Permanent Wisdom from the Health Memes Stream

The river of daily Health Memes contains many keepers, so I've started a section of permanent links that will grow to extra pages as the content develops. Here's the first batch. (Suggestions are welcome.)

Attention should be paid to such posts.

A 21st Century Plague? The Syndrome of Inappropriate Over-Confidence in Computing
Healthcare Renewal
A timely rant on rotten studies, clueless simulations, IT arrogance and the "cyber-industrial complex."

Consumer-Driven Healthcare
 Dr. Wes
"What a crock of excrement."

Next Steps for Progressive Stem Cell Politics Center for Genetics & Society

Are We Finally Entering the Golden Age of Healthcare Transparency?
 Wachter's World
A little sunshine goes a long way.

The impact of gene patents on the future of personal genomics
 Genetic Future
Important topic: Companies own patents on
specific genes for specific diseases. Good comment thread. "It's like
patenting the stars."

My Genome, My Self 
NY Times Magazine

Harvard psychologist Stephen Pinker's excellent review of the possibilities and limitations of consumer genetics.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
 PLoS Med
"It ain’t what we don’t know that hurts us. It’s what we know that ain’t so.” — not Mark Twain

The Chart Is Dead, Long Live The Chart
 The Last Psychiatrist
If the chart is not shaped by the doctoring, the doctoring will be shaped by the chart.