NBIC Analysis and Debate

Since the publication of the 400+ page NBIC report in 2002, scientists, journalists, analysts and activists have all weighed in with disparate opinions about the purpose, the effects and the advisablity of the convergence of nano-, bio- , info- and cognitive sciences.   

  • NBIC conferences in Hawaii in 2005New York in 2004 and Los Angeles in 2003 have brought together scientists, technologists, ethicists and policy makers to expand the NBIC premise.

  • James Hughes of the World Transumanist Association wrote of the political impact of the NBIC study:
    The NBIC’s initial report stunned even the most optimistic techno-utopians with its predictions
    of rapid human enhancement, life extension and nano-neural interfaces
    in the coming decades. Turns out that when people on the cutting edge
    of the molecular, information and cognitive sciences begin to talk
    about merging their fields and applying them to extending the human
    body and brain, things get very transhumanist very fast—nanobots or no
  • In a comprehensive analysis, the social activists at the ETC Group call convergence the "Little BANG" and are skeptical:
    A mix of Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes (B.A.N.G.) make
    the world come ’round – for the USA!

    In the
    USA, senior science policy makers and industry players are devising a new-style
    ‘Manhattan’ or ‘Apollo’ project to merge strategic technologies at the
    nano-scale (one billionth of a meter)…

What Others Are Saying

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