More Augmented Reality on a PDA: Multi-User Game

Arinvtrain_2A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about augmented reality on a personal digital assistant with a link to a video from a Finnish company that created an AR visualization of a new building. This morning at a Vienna University of Technology conference in Austria, a team of developers will demonstrate The Invisible Train, “a mobile, collaborative multi-user Augmented Reality (AR) game, in which players control virtual trains on a real wooden miniature railroad track. These virtual trains are only visible to players through their PDA’s video see-through display as they don’t exist in the physical world. This type of user interface is commonly called the magic lens metaphor.

The computers in our pockets are getting very interesting applications: from calendar, contacts, and to-do lists to mobile telephony, digital imaging, email, Web access, WiFi links, MP3 playback, GPS, multimedia, pocket video and now the “magic lens.” A few more doodads and we’ll finally have reinvented Spock’s tricorder.