Wireless Camera Flashlight

Camlite_2Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you? The dashboard video cameras that give us so much pleasure in syndicated televisions shows like “World’s Most Dangerous Police Chases” will soon have a handheld Camera 2. At the U.S. Maritime Security Expo in New York this month, Camlite Video Systems showed a cop-sized flashlight with a camera wirelessly linked to a Sony Video Walkman. (The whole rig is available in an attractive fanny pack option.) With a range of only 1,000 feet, a fairly grainy analog signal, and a price tag of upwards of $3,500, you probably won’t find this unit in many civilian applications. The brochure suggests DUI stops, searches and seizures, domestic distubances and “patron removal incidents.” But as part of the pervasive video surveillance trend, it may not be too long before somebody launches a late night show along the lines of “World’s Weirdest Cavity Searches.”