After a decade and a half on the web, some of my pages are perennials.

ShowFloor The Interactive Future of Signs
CONSULTING A report from the 90s about a consulting project from the 80s that anticipated the evolution of digital signage.

ShowFloor SISO Special Edition
FRAMESET Highlights of the Institute’s research and education work for event managers and show organizers

Robot Chess Thinking Clearly About Artificial Intelligence
Perspectives on the development of machines that can learn, judge and act.

Tablets Ten Commandments for
Conference Speakers

Public speaking helps you develop new ideas, share perspectives, network with peers and buff up your resume

Why New Media Is Better Than Old Media
Early-90s maxims about the advantages of interactive media.

Howie Fenton Howie Fenton on Prepress
Digital printing, scanning, color management, process control and emerging digital technologies.

Howie Fenton Rural India On-Line
Research and perspective on the development of informatics and the Internet in India by IN3’s C.N. Anand.