Howie Fenton

Digital Prepress Consultant, NAPL


Howie Fenton
 is a senior consultant for the
National Association for Printing Leadership

Howard M. Fenton (or “Howie” as he calls himself) is a well known author, consultant and trainer in the graphic arts. He is best known as the senior consultant of digital technology for NAPL, six years as a consultant for Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) and his three years as the editor of Pre, a prepress magazine.

He has authored five books. The subjects include digital printing, scanning, color management, process control and emerging digital technologies. He writes and emails two free newsletters entitled Digital Technology Trends – one for production staff, the other for non-production staff.

He specializes in digital printing, new prepress technologies, digital workflow, quality control, color management, and the implementation and management of new technologies. He audits 35 companies year and after 12 years has a client list of approximately 200 companies.  

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