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hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
January 12, 2009
Can VistA overcome?  ZDNet Healthcare
Open Source electronic medical records.
Vatican -- Taking End-of-Life Bioethics Back to 1967  Medical Futility
"The Church has also spoken out against living wills..."
The Web 2.0-EBM Medicine split. [1] Introduction into a short series.  Laika's MedLibLog
Thoughtful comments regarding evidence-based medicine v. the wisdom of the crowd.
Pinker: My Genome, My Self 
In a long article in the New York Times Magazine, psychologist Steven Pinker describes the many promises -- limitations -- of personal genomics.
Web 2.0 as a Disruptive Technology  eHealth
A pharma Powerpoint deck.


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
January 13, 2009
Pinker: My Genome, My Self 
In a long article in the New York Times Magazine, psychologist Steven Pinker describes the many promises -- and limitations -- of personal genomics.
Chopra and Weil and Roy, Oh My! Or: The Wall Street Journal, coopted.  Science-Based Medicine
"The Unholy Trinity of Pseudoscience launch[es] a counterattack."
Medical Device Networks Trouble Industry  Medical Connectivity
Outstanding analysis of critical healthcare networking issues.
NEJM article critical of health reporting  Covering Health
Patient empowerment depends on good information.
Transparency Trek: The Million EOB March  Crossover Healthcare
Nascent Web 2.0 movement to post Explanation of Benefits documents -- as soon as they get the details worked out.


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
January 14, 2009
McKinsey blames technology for our health care woes  ZDNet Healthcare
"Just say no to unnecessary high-tech care."
“I Reject Your Reality” - Germ Theory Denial and Other Curiosities  Science-Based Medicine
Invincible ignorance is part of the wisdom of crowds, too.
Reverse evolution in real-time  PhysOrg.com - latest science and technology news
After 50 generations, you can't go home again.
The waning effect of direct to consumer drug advertising  KevinMD.com - Medical Weblog
"Patients may be less trusting of the pharmaceutical industry than before,"
Emory Prof Launches Shadow DSM-V Group  GoozNews
Monitoring conflicts in the revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Psychiatry.
The diversification of consumer genomics  Genetic Future
Notes about the Universal Carrier Screen for 100 serious genetic diseases from start-up Counsyl.
The Problem with VistA: “Its the Platform, Stupid”  Crossover Healthcare
Good post and comments on the Veterans Adminstration's pioneering Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture electronic medical record.
Decade of the Mind  Brain Waves
A conference on "reverse engineering the brain."
Software Helps ID Terrorists Carrying Out Attacks  Bio-terrorism / Terrorism News From Medical News Today
Artificial intelligence that mines web traffic, similar to last year's story on Google Flu Trends.


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
January 15, 2009
My Family Health Portrait: A Family PHR  Health Care Law Blog
Updated with links to personal health records.
Rules of [Health] Engagement  The Health Engagement Blog
"The public has rewritten the rules of public engagement in health."
The Chart Is Dead, Long Live The Chart  The Last Psychiatrist
If the chart is not shaped by the doctoring, the doctoring will be shaped by the chart.
Many Likely to Create Own Online Personal Medical Record - Report  The Medical Quack
"...it still surprises me to see the number of clinicians, medical staff, patients, etc. that are unaware of the existence of the PHR."
Time to pull back DTC ads  World of DTC Marketing
Marketing strategies for pharma.
March of the mobile medical wonders  ZDNet Healthcare
"...patients with remote health monitoring spent 25% fewer days in the hospital than those who were not."