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hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
March 9, 2009
Health care in every pot -- what we can learn from Costco  Health Populi
"Provide value-for-money in a consumer-facing milieu."
IT Vulnerabilities Highlighted by Errors, Malfunctions at Veterans Medical Centers  Health Care Renewal
"Tools that distract, tools that mislead, tools causing cognitive overload are simply dangerous in such an environment."
RateMDs.com: Medical Justice’s approach is “repulsive”  e-Patients.net
"An almost comical attempt to hold back the tide."
Concierge Medicine; A Call to Arms  Dr. Steven Knope
"Since insurance commissioners have obviously not carried out their duty to reform their own industry, why do they want to regulate mine?" The establishment moves against concierge medicine.
National Academies of Science Takes on Forensics  CGS
A call for evidence-based forensics.
All in the Family: Children as Home Health Aides  Bioethics Forum
"Children (as in 8-to 18-year-olds) are becoming caregivers (as in giving injections, monitoring medications, talking to doctors and nurses, changing diapers) for their ill or disabled parents, grandparents, and siblings."
Animal rights activist takes drugs tested on animals.  Adventures in Ethics and Science
"Her desire to avoid treatments tested on animals was in conflict with her desire to live, and she went with the desire that was stronger." Good comment thread.


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
March 10, 2009
You just won the stem-cell war. Don't lose your soul.  Slate Magazine - Human Nature
"How long can we grow this subject before dismembering it to get useful cells?"
Where Those Cardiology Guidelines Come From, Part II  The Covert Rationing Blog
Fascinating follow-up to last Tuesday's Part I post on stenting v. bypass surgery and what it implies about the future of centralized healthcare. "How do cardiologists (or any other well-educated, intelligent individuals) get to the point where they are able to act primarily in their own best interests, while insisting to everyone - even to themselves - that they are actually acting in the best interests of others?"
Cough, Cough. Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?  
Christopher Lawton in the Wall Street Journal via The Health 2.0 Blog.
Better Records On Our Cars Than Ourselves?  The Health Care Blog
Ominous: The "transition to personal responsibility and accountability will probably take place in healthcare sooner or later ... And, the members of the healthcare establishment, working together with Federal and State Government, have the power to drive this change."
The Special Circumstance Which Causes The Wisdom Of Crowds To Fail  The Last Psychiatrist
"I am more worried about the bias I cannot detect but I know is there."
Atheists Are Neurotic and Religious Zealots Are Antisocial  The Neurocritic
The limitations of brain scan research. "I'm feeling a very large error-related negativity at the moment. Maybe I need a Xanax. Or a religious experience..."
Future of Health Care: Outsourcing the Patient  Wired Health
"For insurers who want to outsource, the main question is how to convince patients to hop a 25-hour flight for a triple bypass."


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
March 11, 2009
Genetic Test for Finasteride Response  Medgadget
Fine-tuning hair restoration. Benign cosmetic genomics.
New Media Medicine [Highlight HEALTH Web Directory]  The Highlight HEALTH Network
Online Social Network of over 42,000 doctors, medical students and pre-med students.
An economist's advice on healthcare information technology  Health Care Renewal
"The incentive you need to get physicians ... to purchase and use ill conceived, cavalierly designed HIT that saps their time and cognitive focus is not monetary."
The Steal-A-Nurse-FTE Approach to the Patient Centered Medical Home  Disease Management Care Blog
"many mainsteam small practice primary care physicians are not prepared to assemble, buy or rent all the components of a medical home team."


hNBIC Editors: Published items (items 1 to 50)
March 12, 2009
A New Low in Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies  WSJ.com: Health Blog
From Baystate Medical Center's former chief of acute pain, Scott S. Reuben.
Online Personal Health Records and Pharma Search Engine Marketing  Pharma Marketing Blog
"Health Vault's privacy policy states that the information you deposit in the "vault" may be used to display "content and advertising that are customized to your interests and preferences."
The “Green Patient Lab” provides a glimpse of future healing environments  HealthBlog
"How will software, ubiquitous broadband, wireless, tele-monitoring, telemedicine, globalization, and the Net impact clinical workflow?"
Stimulating Health IT: Hold Onto Your Hats!  Health Affairs Blog
Gold Rush excitement over health IT.
Embryo screening should be mandatory  Genetic Future
Maybe "parents of disabled children will be increasingly viewed by society as being responsible for their child's disease."