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JP EmotivFor over thirty years, we've tracked the development of digital communications technologies in research, consulting, publications and conferences for private companies, government agencies and industry associations around the world. This archive site contains materials from those activities which span a wide range of new ideas as they coalesced into today's information environment:


1980s: electronic publishing, word processing, digital asset management, desktop design and production, digital prepress, creative automation

1990s: digital photography, CD-ROM multimedia, the Internet and World Wide Web, electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, the Internet everywhere

2000s: social media, pervasive TV, ebooks, healthcare consumerism, mobile computing, Open Source, web typography, public education

2010s: the Internet of Things, e-learning, additive manufacturing, data science, digital humanities, augmented cognition, multimodal user interfaces

It's easy to see the broad outlines of technology's future, it's much harder to get the timing right, to turn insight into tactics and business plans. These archives represent our efforts to make sense of it all.

-- Jack Powers
Founder, IN3.ORG

popular features on
1995 - 2015

ShowFloorThe Interactive Future of Signs
CONSULTING A report from the 90s about a consulting project from the 80s that anticipated the evolution of digital signage.

Robot Chess Thinking Clearly About Artificial Intelligence
Perspectives on the development of machines that can learn, judge and act.

Tablets Ten Commandments for
Conference Speakers

Public speaking helps you develop new ideas, share perspectives, network with peers and buff up your resume

Why New Media Is Better Than Old Media
Early-90s maxims about the advantages of interactive media.

The Future of Work,
The Future of Jobs
Conference Materials

Future of Jobs

Presentation slides and handouts from Jack's talk at the Association for Career & Technical ducation's VISION 2018 program in San Antonio, TX on December 1, 2018.

Statistics Workbook
Seminar Source Material

Better Than a B.A.
Alternative Educational Credentials

K-12 and higher ed degrees and diplomas are being supplanted by certificates and alternative credentials from manufacturers, regulators, industry associations, for-profit schools and community groups. Our research for a new book on the topic is gathered on Scoop.IT.

Annual Contest for NYC Students

09 LogoPRO BONO At the coolest event we help produce, graphic communications students from high schools all over New York City come together at a college in Brooklyn to test their skills in Powerpoint Presentation, Desktop Publishing & Design, Web Site Design, Digital Photography and Digital Video.

See the site, volunteer to help, send cash.


New York Industry Partners for Tech Ed

PRO BONO Several hundred New York organizations -- employers, unions, colleges, government agencies, non-profits and community organizations -- support high school tech teachers serving over 120,000 students in the ocuntry's biggest school system.IN3's Jack Powers is a Member and a Past Chairman.

See the site and read the stories.


Graphic Communications Scholarship Fdtn

PRO BONO In addition to providing money for college, GCSF helps mentor and advise students from middle school through graduate school, coordinates internship and work/study opportunities, and helps to increase awareness of careers in the graphic communications field.


See the site and see this year's winners.